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Home Lights for Sustainable Living

Our Collection

One of a kind Table Lamps

Where quality meets innovation

Elegant table lamps for sale, displayed on a modern table with soft ambient lighting
Stylish pendant lights showcased in a contemporary setting, casting warm illumination

Elegant Pendants 

Unique styles for all tastes 

The Adora Mission

Our products are a perfect example of our commitment to create one of a kind designs having in mind quality and sustainability. Constructed with durable, eco-friendly materials, they are built to last.


Zero Waste


Plant Based


At Adora Lights, we're on a mission to change the way we light up spaces. Our goal is simple: to offer lighting that's different, practical, and eco-friendly.

Each lamp is manufactured individually, using both handcrafted and next-generation manufacturing methods. We use eco-friendly bio-polymer materials sourced from plants that are both lightweight and durable. It's about more than just providing light; it's about creating a vibe that suits your space and taste. Join us at Adora Lights, where our mission is to make lighting straightforward, effective, and kind to the planet

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